Across North Africa, the success in the business market is rapidly increasing. Within the region, firms and individuals are seizing opportunities and creating their own success stories.

The North African Enterprise Awards 2017 celebrate the remarkable achievements of the exceptionally talented firms and individuals. Within their respected industries, these trailblazers and have paved the way to great success within the business domain.

As with all of our awards programmes, they are awarded to those based upon merit, which means all nominees are equal, regardless the size or location of a firm. Once the voting is closed, our own dedicated in-house research team undergo rigorous research analysing the achievements made over the last 12-months by each nominee. This is to ensure that each one of our award winners can be rest assured that their win was one that was truly deserved.

To ensure that these awards are a true representation of the very best talent across North Africa, we need your votes. If you believe there is a firm or an individual who is worthy of such an accolade, please fill out the voting form below to cast your vote and make your voice heard.

2017 North African Enterprise Awards

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